Pharmaceutical Companies

Learn how to evaluate the best connected digital health tools and wearables for your trial. Designing, planning and conducting clinical trials can be very expensive. Bridge the gap by collecting real-world evidence to support a future trial. Reach out to us today.

Device Manufacturers

Increase your global visibility with potential clients and collaborators in the pharmaceutical industry. With COVID-19 changing the landscape of healthcare, connected devices are becoming mainstream for tracking patient outcomes, measuring adherence, and collecting valuable information during a trial.

Research Collaboration and Academia

Collaborate with industry professionals to increase the success of your academic pursuits. Plug into our network of seasoned experts who have successfully navigated both the academic and private sectors. Over 2000 clinical trials utilized connected digital health tools last year.

Hospitals and Medical practices

Evaluate digital tools for use in your health system, hospital, or medical practice. Contact us for access to our full, comprehensive catalog of telehealth, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, digital therapeutics, and connected device tools.

Software and Device vendors

Don’t be lost in a crowded market. Discover the fastest and most effective route to global visibility with potential clients and collaborators. Increase credibility and presence through independent reports created from multiple channels. Our data-driven platform gives you instant visibility to stand out in a crowded market.

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