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Breakthroughs products are approved and commercialized every day, so physicians must keep up with new data on sometimes complex clinical tools and treatments. In-service meetings offer the opportunity for physicians to learn from highly-trained reps, but these meetings are hindered by frequent cancellations, missed visits and diminished access to offices.

Medherd exists to facilitate these crucial interactions to ensure medical professionals get the help they need, when they need it. Our platform is free for practices who use it to streamline communication with vendor reps, control visit scheduling and find up-to-date information on products their doctors prescribe and use everyday.

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We spent years collecting data on optimum channels for clinician engagement. Now we equip your team with tools to support their interactions with medical offices.

With the Medherd platform, you can discover, schedule and manage meetings with clinicians and their staff from anywhere..

We host information about your product on our proprietary product introduction engine. Our clinician-friendly interface has been tested with hundreds of providers and helps you provide maximum value in less time. Now your providers and their staff have access to the correct information about your product when they need it.