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We created the first and only evidence-based digital formulary featuring leading health software, mobile apps, and devices. Our expert-curated catalog showcases multimedia product summaries, competitive pricing information, user ratings, clinician reviews, clinical studies, and ease of use for informed decision-making.

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Why Medherd ?

We make it easy to discover and evaluate digital health products using data generated at the point of use. At last count, there were over 300,000 health applications and 420 million connected devices globally - no one is keeping track of the performance of these clinical-grade products the way we do. Using medherd helps build an ecosystem that ultimately improves product outcomes through the experiences of patients and clinicians. Our cloud-based platform is EMR agnostic, enabling access to a network of over 450 thousand physicians and healthcare decision-makers at organizations in the United States. We can plug into any workflow to help you generate insight through surveys and reviews, enrich data using our proprietary analytics tools, and make suggestions through our AI-powered recommendation engine. Our relationship-building tools provide unbiased information to the right stakeholders, driving communication, innovation, and collaboration in clinical practice and research, informing self-management options, as well as evidence-based investment and purchasing decisions.

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Medherd was created to help patients and healthcare professionals utilize the best and latest information technology to guide decision making. Healthcare is advancing at an incredible pace, making it challenging to keep up with new developments. As knowledge becomes more accessible, accurate information must accompany medical care. More patients will approach healthcare from an informed viewpoint and will expect their doctors and nurses to trust them with management decisions. Our mission is to make sure everyone can quickly identify and evaluate the right tools to support their care.

Social Responsibility

As an organization founded and wholly-owned by physicians, we have a responsibility to ensure that medical manufacturers, employers, payers, and medical providers are equitable and that patients have access to good care. Patients and verified clinicians may use our product discovery service at no personal cost. We have introduced social programs such as masks for reviews to ensure that our clinician users are safe while executing their job duties.


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