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Medherd is reimagining the journey from initial product introductions to physician and staff education through in-service meetings. Our scheduling API facilitates meetings with vendor reps while our proprietary product introduction engine showcases product information optimized for a clinician audience. Our product pages are enriched with physician-curated product summaries and insightful peer reviews. We have made a free digital health catalog available for public use.
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Why Medherd

Our cloud-based platform enables medical offices to automate educational exchanges between medical professionals, staff, and vendors. In-built algorithms connect physicians with suitable vendor representatives for informational sessions when they need it the most.

Practice staff utilize our scheduling platform to confirm in-person and virtual meetings with life science industry visitors in less than 5 minutes a month, saving time and concentrating on patient care.

Our relationship-building tools provide unbiased information to the right stakeholders while driving innovation, collaboration and evidence-based purchasing decisions.


Medherd was created to help health providers utilize the best and latest in information technology to guide decision making. Healthcare is advancing at such a great pace that neither patients nor providers can keep up with new developments. As knowledge becomes more accessible and patients more empowered, it is important that those who care for them approach clinical care from an informed viewpoint, trusting that patients can take the reins of self-management when given the right tools. It is our goal to identify, evaluate, and provide access to these tools.

Social Responsibility

As an organization founded and wholly-owned by physicians, we have a responsibility to ensure that employers, payers, medical providers, and patients have the best product choices available to them. Our social programs such as masks for reviews, launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, help ensure that our clinician users are safe while executing their job duties.

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