Seamless Product Introductions

Our web-based solution for value-based product discovery is powered by evidence-based data and qualitative ratings of medical products by clinicians. Our methodology leverages an intelligent algorithm to create contextually relevant insights to inform clinician, vendor and payer decisions.

Vendors can now share clinical, safety and utilization insights with the right physician teams at hospitals and medical practices across the United States.

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Automated Vendor Rep Scheduling

Coordinating rep visits can be a time-consuming, frustrating distraction from patient care. Practices use Medherd to automate educational exchanges between clinical staff and vendors, guided by our intelligent algorithms. Find and connect with the right vendor rep, medical science liaison to get the information you need, fast.

Strengthened Clinical Expertise

While learning from the best vendor reps in the industry, you can now access carefully curated product pages enriched with peer product reviews that address safety, efficacy and utilization. Product-related publications and clinical trials aggregated from various databases are indexed by levels of evidence and manufacturer involvement.

Effortless Product Evaluations

Compare clinically and functionally similar medical products based on price, product specifications, safety profiles, clinical trial outcomes and qualitative data from the point of care. Our framework ensures that products can be evaluated from both a cost and clinical perspective.

Life science vendors now automate the collection of clinician feedback to deliver safer, higher-quality products to doctors, patients and their caregivers.

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