Product Introduction Engine

Our web-based solution for value-based product discovery is powered by evidence-based data and qualitative ratings of medical products by clinicians. Our methodology leverages intelligent algorithms to create contextually relevant clinical, safety and utilization insights to inform vendor, payer and clinician decisions.

Vendors can now share clinical, safety and utilization insights with the right physician teams at hospitals and medical practices.

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Strengthen Your Clinical Expertise

You can now access comprehensive product reviews that address safety, efficacy and utilization, as well as clinical research studies indexed by levels of evidence and manufacturer involvement.

Evaluate Products

Compare clinically and functionally similar medical products based on price, product specifications, safety profiles, clinical trial outcomes and qualitative data from the point of care. Our framework ensures that products can be evaluated from both a cost and clinical perspective.

Clinical Feedback

Gain access to clinical and medical technology experts to improve your value analysis process, optimize user experience while tapping into real world data inaccessible to your competitors.

Vendors: Automate your feedback reporting to deliver a unique, higher-quality product to doctors, patients and their caregivers.

Increase Access

Our data-driven platform provides access to previously hard-to-reach members of the healthcare community. Learn from the insight of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and clinical researchers while delivering valuable insights to them by email.

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