Case study

Marketing for Growth Stage
Medical Supply Company


A leading medical device supplier in North America faced the challenge of effectively showcasing their extensive experience in supplying devices to healthcare systems. They sought to tailor their corporate messaging specifically for supply chain and procurement administrators in the healthcare industry.

The primary objective was to highlight their top sharps product segment, emphasizing their capacity to handle high-volume orders and consistently deliver superior performance.


Within a remarkably short span of 3 weeks, we developed a range of strategies to amplify the company's presence in the targeted business segment. We designed and meticulously tested a dynamic microsite tailored to engage healthcare administrators responsible for supply chain functions.

This included product pages with technical documentation and effective marketing assets such as captivating landing pages for their most sought-after products strategically deployed across relevant channels.


With our comprehensive solution, the medical device division swiftly emerged as the top-performing segment for the supplier. The company experienced exponential growth and solidified its position as one of the largest independent suppliers of needles and syringes in the United States.

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